Sunday Service – What to Expect

Sunday Service – What to Expect

We are a small, relaxed church, and since we share the responsibilities for our Sunday morning services, the flavor varies from week to week. However, here is a brief overview of our Sunday service:

IMPORTANT COVID-19: These times have required us to be creative in meeting together while upholding the government guidelines for gatherings. We have had to change our location and meeting times, as well as occasionally move to online sermons only. Please check the homepage for the most up-to-date information.

The information below only applies to when we are able to hold our usual services in the Kleefeld Recreation Center.

WHERE WE MEET: At the Kleefeld Recreation Center located at 100 Park Avenue in Kleefeld MB.

WORSHIP & SERVICE: Worship begins at 10:45am. We sing, read scripture, and pray for each other. We also have communion with is open to anyone (including children) who is, or wants to be, a follower of Jesus. After communion we pray for the children, who come up to the front as a group. If childcare if provided the pre-school aged children depart to the playroom. (See Childcare below). This is followed by a 30 minute sermon ending around 12:00pm. We typically leave time for a response from the congregation, either through questions or sharing what impacted them.

POTLUCK: On the first Sunday of every month we have a potluck immediately following the service. Our motto is “if you brought food – please stay, and if you haven’t – please stay!”. We always have more than enough.


Due to our small size we do not have an official childcare program. There is a rotation of volunteers who take the smaller children (around 5 years old and under) to the playroom for the sermon portion of the morning, but this does not happen every week. If volunteer childcare is being provided someone will announce it and guide the children out just before the sermon starts. Your children are welcome to join if they feel comfortable being separated from you, or, if not, they can sit with you for the duration of the service.